Best Procurement Transformation

This award recognises an exceptional procurement transformation project or programme that has improved business outcomes or boosted competitive advantage. Projects can be about improving an underperforming procurement function or taking an already high-performing function to the next level, but they must demonstrate how they have met their key objectives in the last 12 months.

Best Green Procurement Project of the Year

This award recognises the project or programme that can best demonstrate a reduction in environmental impact because of procurement initiatives. This can be on a single project or over a series of projects, but it must have been completed or be ongoing within the last 12 months.

Best Technology Procurement of the Year

This Award recognises the best application of digital technology. The category is open to all examples of its application to improve results in the procurement sector, with an emphasis on the outcomes obtained. .

Procurement Leader of the Year

This award honours a brilliant leader who is at the forefront of their field and is in charge of a high-performing team that produces measurable business outcomes. This award is only given to the most senior executives who have strategic responsibility for their organization's procurement operation.

Procurement Team of the Year

This award is given to the most extraordinary procurement specialist who has made substantial contributions not only to the procurement function in their organisation, but also to the company in terms of impact and effectiveness and is regarded as the best among his or her colleagues.

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